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Private Label Supplements: 3 Things You Need To Know

Over the last decade, the supplement industry has experienced growth at an astonishing rate. With the introduction of private label supplements, manufacturers have provided an easy way for entrepreneurs to get started in the supplement industry. While utilizing private label supplements provide an easy way to break into this popular industry, here are 3 things … Continue reading “Private Label Supplements: 3 Things You Need To Know”

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Understanding Supplement Manufacturing Regulations

When starting your own supplement line, it’s likely that you will be overwhelmed with the amount of regulations and various manufacturing considerations that come into play. While you will want to be mindful of FDA regulations that could completely derail your ability to sell your finished product, other regulations must also be followed at the … Continue reading “Understanding Supplement Manufacturing Regulations”

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The Beginners Guide to Thermogenic Supplements

As a popular addition to fat burners, thermogenics are used to naturally increase the core temperature of the body to improve weight loss and boost metabolism. To help accommodate the needs of this growing supplement niche, supplement lines must have a solid basic understanding of the most effective thermogenic ingredients available. In this article, we … Continue reading “The Beginners Guide to Thermogenic Supplements”

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High Demand Men’s Health Supplements

While many supplements meet the needs of both men and women, there are some considerations each sex must keep in mind to achieve the optimal level of health. Even if men attempt to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, they can still face health issues like decreasing testosterone levels. In this article, we will … Continue reading “High Demand Men’s Health Supplements”

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Insight Into Supplement Packaging Considerations

While it’s important to have an eye-catching design on your supplement packaging, brands must also keep in mind what their packaging says about their brand. Even more important, failing to have the right information may make you a target of the FDA and ultimately shut down your business before it can take off. In this … Continue reading “Insight Into Supplement Packaging Considerations”

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What Makes a Contract Manufacturer Right For Your Business?

You have fleshed out the general idea for your brand and have high hopes that you will be able to provide the dietary supplements that your customers want or need. However, while this may seem like a straightforward goal, it is important to understand the importance that the contract manufacturer you choose will have on … Continue reading “What Makes a Contract Manufacturer Right For Your Business?”

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Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements for 2019

As a supplement line, it’s important to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest trends while also providing the products your target audiences are looking for. Because JW Nutritional is rooted in protein and bodybuilding supplement manufacturing, we are able to provide our clients with a variety of the hottest muscle building supplements … Continue reading “Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements for 2019”

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Get Egg-Cited About Egg Albumen Protein Powder

With the wide variety of protein options available, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the “business as usual” viewpoint and focus on just whey protein powders. Egg albumen protein powder delivers optimal levels of protein for any bodybuilder or athlete that is looking to build muscle. Even better, it retains all of the health benefits … Continue reading “Get Egg-Cited About Egg Albumen Protein Powder”

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Is Liquid Capsule Manufacturing Right For You?

Does your liquid supplement formula need a more effective delivery method to improve nutrient bioavailability? While standard liquid supplements can easily be ingested, they don’t always retain the full potency once exiting the digestive system. To improve nutrient bioavailability and ensure your supplements work as intended, JW Nutritional recommends liquid capsule manufacturing.

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Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?

With modern advancements in food science in technology, manufacturers are now able to avoid the use of chemical formulations and, instead, create natural flavoring options that mimic target flavors more closely. However, artificial flavoring is often utilized by businesses because it provides a cheaper alternative that the average customer will find pleasing. Unfortunately, while this … Continue reading “Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?”

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