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Where Do Vitamin Supplements Come From?


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Where Do Vitamin Supplements Come From?

Where Do Vitamin Supplements Come From?

Where Do Vitamin Supplements Come From?If you are like most people, you probably envision supplements and other pharmaceuticals as artificial; however, most vitamins seem to get a pass from consumers. Both supplements and vitamins may be composed of natural or artificial ingredients. If you are curious where vitamin supplements come from, this article is a great primer into how vitamins and minerals are sourced and some of the steps to compacting them into such tiny tablets for consumption.

In many cases, vitamins are food cultured in the same way that other fermented foods or yogurt are. For this process, nutrients are grown in yeast or algae to make them more bioavailable. Raw materials can be added to the suspensions to then create concentrates within the cells of the yeast and algae that are present. These yeast and algae are then harvested and the nutrients they are fed are extracted to create the base of vitamin supplements. In theory, any of the raw materials fed to the yeast can algae will be concentrated for further use.

Genetically altered bacteria may also be leveraged to create nutrient by-products that can be turned into vitamins. Some of the vitamins that are commonly made through bacterial fermentation include amino acids, melatonin and vitamin K2. Vitamin B12 is also exclusively made through a fermentation process that can occur in a lab or naturally within the tissues of animals that are carrying bacteria. Like the yeasts and algae in the above scenarios, bacterial fermentation can often yield concentrated versions of many different vitamins.

Aside from naturally sourced raw materials, synthetic vitamins and minerals may also be used in the formulation of vitamin supplements. Synthetic vitamins are often formulated in a lab and will typically be different than their natural counterparts. Although they will share the same chemical constituents, the optical activity may vary. Finding the right combination or source for your needs is crucial for success. Vitamin supplements can take on many different forms and JW Nutritional can expertly manufacture a variety of vitamin types to ensure the perfect product.


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