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JW Nutritional can help clients with product storage, fulfillment and distribution expansion. When you partner with us you are guaranteed the best solutions possible for providing first-class customer service. If you are interested in available fulfillment, storage and distribution options provided through our partnerships, please contact us today!

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FULFILLMENT Our Fulfillment Options Get Products in Front of Consumers

JW Nutritional has partnered with Midwest Logistics to give our clients the opportunity to store their products, take advantage of fulfillment options and expand their distribution. With a strong commitment to assisting supplement line owners in expanding their product line, this partnership has proven beneficial for many within the industry. With consistent growth and the introduction of many new products, Midwest Logistics has continued to minimize shipping rates and associated fees to bring more value to both seasoned and new supplement companies.

When you partner with us you are guaranteed the best solutions possible for providing first-class customer service. With an unbridled attention to detail, you can ensure that your fulfillment, storage and distribution services are being conducted in a way that represents your personal commitment to your products. Midwest Logistics was founded by professionals with a long history in the supplement industry to include only best, modern business philosophies and discard the antiquated “business as usual” techniques still common in the industry.

Inventory Management-Through our partnership, customers are given the opportunity to promote, distribute and manage their inventory in real-time. Our centrally located, and climate controlled, warehouse can stock and store your products to manage online orders and send corresponding shipments. By keeping track of inventory levels through inventory alerts, shipment times will never be affected.

Global Fulfillment– Warehouse employees are experts at ensuring your products are shipped quickly while minimizing the risks of damage during the shipping process. With full e-commerce shipping, we can print your packing slips and push out orders globally with discounted shipping costs. This can help maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and encourage repeat customers.

Warehousing-Our partner has a state-of-the-art warehouse that can serve as a physical extension of your website or brick-and-mortar store. Our climate controlled warehouse ensures your products will be stored in a cool, dry environment to prolong their shelf life. With on-site, 24/7 security monitoring, your products will always be in good hands.

JW Nutritional and Midwest Logistics are committed to providing the opportunities for supplement line owners to achieve the highest quality products and opportunities for success. With our turnkey solutions to manufacture your products and get them in front of potential customers, building your business has never been easier. If you are interested in available fulfillment, storage and distribution options, please contact us today!


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JW Nutritional has two facilities encompassing over 120,000 square feet within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Multiple locations ensure expedited shipping and the ability to meet fast turnaround deadlines more efficiently than our competitors.

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, we can custom manufacture many types of nutritional products. Items such as vitamins, supplements, functional foods, and pet nutrition products can be quickly produced with ease.