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Raw Organ Supplementation: Benefits and Risks

What Are Raw Organ Supplements? Raw organ meat refers to the liver, brain, tongue, heart, and kidneys. They have numerous health benefits. In the past, raw organs were valued for their nutrition factors. Now, they are also available in the form of supplements which can be consumed to avail all their benefits.  The custom of consuming … Continue reading “Raw Organ Supplementation: Benefits and Risks”

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Active Nutrition Products 101

Consumers worldwide are now focusing on health goals such as disease prevention and management instead of the cure. They are also re-evaluating their lifestyle and diet choices more seriously than previous generations. Getting proactive towards health greatly influences a person’s choice of drink and food products when looking for daily product offerings and sports/functional nutrition … Continue reading “Active Nutrition Products 101”

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Amino Acids for Health?

Amino acids are also referred to as the building blocks of proteins. These are important compounds that have numerous roles in the body. Amino acids help in building hormones, proteins, and neurotransmitters (1). They are concentrated in foods rich in proteins, including fish, meat, and soybeans. However, some people also consume certain amino acids in … Continue reading “Amino Acids for Health?”

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Lavender and Valerian for Sleep Supplements

Do you have problems sleeping well at night? Many people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, which can affect their physical and mental health. Although many drugs exist that can help with sleep, some people prefer using natural alternatives. Among the many natural remedies for sleep are valerian and lavender. Here is … Continue reading “Lavender and Valerian for Sleep Supplements”

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Why Taste is Important for Your Supplement

In today’s supplement market, things are shaking up. Flavor is now a big deal when it comes to supplements, coming second after the formulation of a specific brand. As a brand dealing with supplements, you need to consider that once your products reach your customers, they will be judged by how they taste among other … Continue reading “Why Taste is Important for Your Supplement”

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Mushroom Supplements and Extracts

Mushroom magic has become one of the latest health fads, and it may be on to something. The medicinal potential of mushrooms has suddenly seen them become one of the most sought-after supplements today. People are constantly looking for ways to enhance their well-being and health. With medicinal mushrooms having numerous health benefits, the nutrition … Continue reading “Mushroom Supplements and Extracts”

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Manufacturing Creditability and Why it Matters

Are you considering starting a supplement line? Among the things at the top of your list should be choosing the right supplement manufacturer. When it comes to that, you need to consider manufacturing creditability.  company that you can trust to deliver the best products for your brand. One such brand is JW Nutritional, and here … Continue reading “Manufacturing Creditability and Why it Matters”

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Supply chain is the engine of Nutrabolt

Understanding your Supply Chain is important for growth and sustainability. Nutrabolt is a fast-growing, global active health and wellness company founded back in 2002 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, a city home to an eclectic range of live music and vintage clothes shops. In an exclusive interview by Procurement Magazine, Brendan O’Toole discussed the importance of … Continue reading “Supply chain is the engine of Nutrabolt”

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Pet Supplement Manufacturing

With millions of households having a pet, it is a smart move to venture into the pet supplement market and include it in your private label line. However, creating your pet supplement is expensive. Also, it needs the right ingredients, tools, certifications, experience, and most importantly, knowledge. That is why you need to get professionals … Continue reading “Pet Supplement Manufacturing”

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