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What Cost Factors Affect Supplement Manufacturing?

When choosing a contract manufacturer, one of the most important aspects of the relationship for most people is what the overall cost of the project will be. And, granted, while you may be able to find the same services for much cheaper from a manufacturer outside of the United States, you may be sacrificing quality … Continue reading “What Cost Factors Affect Supplement Manufacturing?”

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RTD Beverages: What is Possible?

At JW Nutritional, we are constantly working to keep up with modern trends that the supplement industry has. And, while powders like protein or pre-workout are still incredibly popular, many consumers are looking for a more convenient, ready to drink options. We have worked with countless brands to develop and manufacture their RTD beverages and … Continue reading “RTD Beverages: What is Possible?”

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Who Gives Supplement Manufacturers GMP Certification?

The FDA continually monitors the supplement industry very closely and works hard to ensure that consumers are protected from any potential problems that may be occurring. And, as the industry continues to grow, the FDA has placed more emphasis on monitoring supplement manufacturers and their clients. Staying GMP compliant is critical for manufacturers that want … Continue reading “Who Gives Supplement Manufacturers GMP Certification?”

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What Is Supplement Encapsulation?

With the wide variety of products that are available to supplement brands, it can be hard to find the right product mix to meet your individual needs. While each product type generally serves its own purpose, supplement encapsulation has become a popular method industry wide to serve a variety of purposes that consumers are looking … Continue reading “What Is Supplement Encapsulation?”

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3 Reasons to Hire a Sales Rep for Your Supplement Line

For most supplement manufacturers, spreading the word about their products and boosting sales will typically require the assistance of other people. And, whether you choose to work with an influencer or dedicated sales rep, the benefits that you can obtain are immense. If you have reached a point where you think outside help may be … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Hire a Sales Rep for Your Supplement Line”

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Private Label Bulk Powders Help Cut Costs

JW Nutritional is committed to providing only the best products. To prove it, we provide a full line of bread and butter supplements for you to private label. While private label supplements can take on many different forms, some of the most popular products that we see clients buying industry-wide are often bulk powders. But … Continue reading “Private Label Bulk Powders Help Cut Costs”

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Take Your Supplement Brand’s Social Media to the Next Level

If you are looking to build a new supplement brand or just need to find new customers for your existing products, there is likely no better place to start than social media. As an ingrained part of modern society,  nearly everyone has at least one social profile online and every successful business has developed and … Continue reading “Take Your Supplement Brand’s Social Media to the Next Level”

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Easy Ways to Build a Supplement Brand

Although getting started in the supplement industry with a new brand can seem intimidating, finding your customers and building your business should be a challenge. Like any other industry, marketing plays a critical role in how much success a business can obtain; however, getting started doesn’t have to be expensive. In this article, we will … Continue reading “Easy Ways to Build a Supplement Brand”

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Quality and Compliance Matter in Supplement Manufacturing

Finding a supplement manufacturer that not only utilizes the best ingredient sources possible but also has worked to obtain the needed certifications can help ensure that your supplement manufacturing goes as planned. With the variety of cheap supplement options available on the market to start your business, it can be tempting to settle for the … Continue reading “Quality and Compliance Matter in Supplement Manufacturing”

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Can the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Help Supplement Brands?

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has taken a major toll on the economic status of the world, seemingly affecting every industry. Unfortunately, the down economy and surge in unemployment have also affected the fitness and supplement industries. But now that congress is rolling out the stimulus bill, how might it help supplement brands continue to … Continue reading “Can the COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Help Supplement Brands?”

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