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Popular Options for Protein Manufacturing

JW Nutritional is rooted in protein manufacturing and it continues to be one our main focuses to this day. With a dedication to quality and affordability, we help supplement companies manufacture high-quality protein products in a variety of forms. By utilizing a dedicated protein manufacturing center following expansion, we can ensure the best quality protein … Continue reading “Popular Options for Protein Manufacturing”

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The Guide to Starting Your Own Supplement Line

Starting your own supplement line can be a very rewarding and lucrative business decision. According to a recent report funded by The Council of Responsible Nutrition, the dietary supplement industry contributes $121.6 billion to the United State economy. As the supplement industry continues to grow, the need for more innovative and unique products will help … Continue reading “The Guide to Starting Your Own Supplement Line”

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Flavor Development Improves Supplement Sales

Aside from how well a supplement works, consumers will often be most critical of the flavoring the supplement has. This is especially true with powder-based supplements because the flavor must remain pronounced after mixing occurs. In the current market of supplements, having a great tasting products through flavor development will help your products stick out … Continue reading “Flavor Development Improves Supplement Sales”

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