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3 Factors Supplement Companies Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging


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3 Factors Supplement Companies Need to Consider When Choosing Packaging

Choosing Packaging

Choosing PackagingAny marketing professional would agree that packaging plays a huge role in selling products. When you’re at the store, are you going to be drawn to the dull, generic design or the colorful, exciting packaging? Supplemental companies may not consider packaging to be all that important, but it’s proven to be a vital component customers value when choosing one product over another.

According to a study by the Paper and Packaging Board & IPSOS, 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. The study also concluded that 67% of its participants reported they are often influenced by the material products are packaged in when considering which products to buy.

While supplement packages don’t need to be as flashy as breakfast cereals, they still need eye-catching and match the company’s branding. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your packaging.

Bottle Packaging

To stand out, you may consider choosing a bottle design that is unique and unusual. Following basic marketing tips, this might seem like a good way to stand out among the competition. However, you’ll find more problems with a complicated design.

Unusual designs are eye-catching to customers, but they are also avoided if they take up too much space. Customers are more likely to buy something that will easily fit in their medicine cabinet. It also presents a stocking issue for the stores selling your product. If stores can only stock a small amount of your product because of its intrusive design, it can hurt your sales.

Save yourself the time and money and stick with the stock bottles.

Choose a Colorful Cap

Caps are one of the best areas in your packaging to show off your brand. Most supplemental packaging features a white or black bottle cap. Choosing a colorful cap can be your chance to stand out.

Depending on what your bottle cap supplier offers, you can choose from various colored caps to match your product. Whatever color you choose, it should stick with the same branding guidelines as your company brand or product brand. The cap design is a huge opportunity to make your product memorable.

Label Design

Designing your labels is where your graphic designers can flex their creative muscles. Apart from the cap, your label is what informs the customer of your product’s brand. Choosing the right design elements will attract customers to pick up your bottle over the others.

Your label design should remain consistent with your company’s brand. This is how you create a memorable brand identity. Using creative design elements such as raised or foiled fonts and colorful artwork will make your product stand out on a shelf. If your visual design and messaging are persuasive enough, your product will sell.

Choosing the right packaging can be the deciding factor between someone buying your product over your competitor’s. If you stay consistent with your brand, consider what your customer wants, and tastefully stand out, you will see an uptick in your sales.

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