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What Does “MFG” Mean on Supplement Packaging?

As a supplement brand, you likely will want to get your products on store shelves or into the hands of consumers as soon as possible to ensure they aren’t thrown out due to expiration. By the same token, consumers are always looking for the freshest products possible to meet their fitness or dietary needs. However, … Continue reading “What Does “MFG” Mean on Supplement Packaging?”

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Supplement Excipients: What Should You Know?

If your brand doesn’t use a “proprietary blend” in its formula, there’s a good chance that you are transparently showing any excipients that may be listed on the supplement facts panel on your products. While considered inactive ingredients, supplement excipients may be categorized under different designation types including coating agents, flavoring agents, lubricants, binders, fillers, … Continue reading “Supplement Excipients: What Should You Know?”

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What Is Supplement Encapsulation?

With the wide variety of products that are available to supplement brands, it can be hard to find the right product mix to meet your individual needs. While each product type generally serves its own purpose, supplement encapsulation has become a popular method industry wide to serve a variety of purposes that consumers are looking … Continue reading “What Is Supplement Encapsulation?”

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Easy Ways to Build a Supplement Brand

Although getting started in the supplement industry with a new brand can seem intimidating, finding your customers and building your business should be a challenge. Like any other industry, marketing plays a critical role in how much success a business can obtain; however, getting started doesn’t have to be expensive. In this article, we will … Continue reading “Easy Ways to Build a Supplement Brand”

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Should You Invest in Supplement Fulfillment Services?

One of the biggest challenges that supplement lines face is finding the best solutions possible to not only warehouse their products safety but also ensure that they are shipped to the correct destination quickly whenever they are purchased. In an effort to bring these services to a wider audience, JW Nutritional has partnered with Midwest … Continue reading “Should You Invest in Supplement Fulfillment Services?”

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Quality and Compliance Matter in Supplement Manufacturing

Finding a supplement manufacturer that not only utilizes the best ingredient sources possible but also has worked to obtain the needed certifications can help ensure that your supplement manufacturing goes as planned. With the variety of cheap supplement options available on the market to start your business, it can be tempting to settle for the … Continue reading “Quality and Compliance Matter in Supplement Manufacturing”

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Don’t Skip These 5 Private Label Bodybuilding Supplements

While everyone has their reasons for starting their career into bodybuilding, there is one thing that they all have in common when attempting to build the best physique they can; supplements. In addition to the time and dedication needed to make an impact, dialing in your nutrition and supplement regimen is critical for fast and … Continue reading “Don’t Skip These 5 Private Label Bodybuilding Supplements”

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Expand Your Customer Base with Vegan Supplements

As the interest in shifting to a vegan lifestyle becomes more widespread, it is more important than ever for businesses to ensure that they are prepared for this constantly expanding market. Few dedicated vegan supplement companies are actively available on the market at the current time and it will likely be up to existing brands … Continue reading “Expand Your Customer Base with Vegan Supplements”

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Improve Your Supplement Packaging

Did you know that each year nearly 90% of new products fail simply because they didn’t put enough effort or consideration in the packaging that they used? The simple fact is that most modern consumers don’t want to take the time to extensively research a product before purchasing it and, instead, prefer to quickly read … Continue reading “Improve Your Supplement Packaging”

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What Services Should Supplement Manufacturers Provide?

For entrepreneurs that are looking to start their own supplement line or enhance their existing business, finding supplement manufacturers that provide the right services is one of the most important steps in achieving success. JW Nutritional works to provide our clients with reliable and affordable service options to help improve their business in a competitive … Continue reading “What Services Should Supplement Manufacturers Provide?”

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