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The Clean Label Movement is Trending

Clean label? I’ve got a clean label – its mainly white with few design aspects. However we are not talking design here. We are talking about ingredients and blends. Consumers are starting to move away from picking up whatever they find over-the-counter on the store shelf. Unfortunately for supplement makers who haven’t been paying attention, … Continue reading “The Clean Label Movement is Trending”

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Plant-Based Protein Powders Growing More Popular

All across the world, a conscious shift is occurring as people become more conscious about the foods that they are eating and how they are sourced. This shift has inevitably lead to a rise in the number of people following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. But how exactly has this affected the supplement industry? Perhaps … Continue reading “Plant-Based Protein Powders Growing More Popular”

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Protein Powder: More Than Just a Bodybuilding Supplement

While many supplement line start-ups are interested in starting their product line with a pre-workout supplement or fat burner, they could be neglecting the most popular supplement available on the market. While historically seen as a bodybuilding supplement, protein powder has transcended to become a versatile food product that is used by nearly everyone. If … Continue reading “Protein Powder: More Than Just a Bodybuilding Supplement”

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What Protein Types are Available for Vegan Athletes?

All bodybuilders need protein to enhance muscle growth, hit their macros and recovery properly no matter what dietary restrictions they may have. As the rise in Vegan nutrition continues to become more commonplace, the need for better supplement alternatives has become more important than ever. In this article, we will look at the protein types … Continue reading “What Protein Types are Available for Vegan Athletes?”

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Protein Powder Is More Popular Than Ever

As a growing population of health-conscious individuals continue to look for new ways to improve their nutrition, it’s no surprise that protein powders have become so popular in recent years. In fact, the global protein market soared to $14 billion in 2018 and is expected to continue an upward trend through 2025. Protein powder is … Continue reading “Protein Powder Is More Popular Than Ever”

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How Do You Choose the Right Protein Powder Manufacturer?

The supplement industry is bigger than ever and is projected to continue to grow even more in 2020. With this rapid growth, many entrepreneurs have started planning their own supplement company to take advantage of market trends. While starting your brand with a protein powder is the safest bet, finding the right manufacturer to partner … Continue reading “How Do You Choose the Right Protein Powder Manufacturer?”

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Find Your Whey with JW Nutritional

With a history rooted in protein powders, the team at JW Nutritional has maintained their commitment to this popular supplement even when private label options and other supplement types have started to take prominence. Even successful supplement line needs their own version of protein powder and the wide variety of flavoring and branding options can … Continue reading “Find Your Whey with JW Nutritional”

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The Scoop On Popular Protein Powders

Protein powder is among the most consumed supplement available on the market. Used by both bodybuilders and casual dieters alike, protein powders have surpassed their original purpose as a post-recovery, muscle-building shake and have transcended into a functional food used by nearly everyone in existence. However, not all protein types are created equally. In this … Continue reading “The Scoop On Popular Protein Powders”

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Get Egg-Cited About Egg Albumen Protein Powder

With the wide variety of protein options available, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the “business as usual” viewpoint and focus on just whey protein powders. Egg albumen protein powder delivers optimal levels of protein for any bodybuilder or athlete that is looking to build muscle. Even better, it retains all of the health benefits … Continue reading “Get Egg-Cited About Egg Albumen Protein Powder”

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Incorporating Holiday Flavors Into Your Supplements

With the holiday season finally here, it’s hard to avoid pumpkin spice or chai latte flavors sneaking their way into your favorite products. Fortunately for supplement lines, this trend can now be incorporated into your very own products. At JW Nutritional, our Research and Development department can formulate holiday flavors that you can incorporate into … Continue reading “Incorporating Holiday Flavors Into Your Supplements”

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