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The Clean Label Movement is Trending


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The Clean Label Movement is Trending

Clean Label Movement

Clean Label MovementClean label? I’ve got a clean label – its mainly white with few design aspects. However we are not talking design here. We are talking about ingredients and blends. Consumers are starting to move away from picking up whatever they find over-the-counter on the store shelf. Unfortunately for supplement makers who haven’t been paying attention, they’re losing business to companies following the clean label movement, but what exactly is it?

What Is The Clean-Label Movement Trend?

While the “clean label movement” might be an unofficial term, it’s classified as products that are turning to natural ingredients. Consumers are getting smart. With the wealth of information available on the internet and the move towards natural alternatives to conventional treatment, consumers are self-educating themselves on what to look out for. While synthetic supplements offer lower prices on their products, consumers are willing to pay extra to avoid artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and genetically-modified ingredients.

Consumers Are Also Looking At The Supply Chains

Consumers are taking it a step further, and demanding supplement makers make their supply chains transparent. Where are they sourcing their ingredients? Are they really “natural”? Unfortunately, this sends shockwaves up to the supply chain that everyone involved must adapt to if any changes are made. This makes it difficult for many supplement companies to make any necessary changes to satisfy consumers who watch supplements from their source to the shelves.

It’s no surprise consumers are taking what they put into their bodies seriously. With the average life expectancy declining and the rate of early preventable deaths rising, consumers do what they need to avoid processed or synthetic ingredients. Those who are more environmentally conscious also want to look up the supply chain to ensure a supplement’s label is truly clean.

There are no official regulations set by the FDA that clearly define what a “clean label” is. Hence, consumers need to stay on top of checking the labels for natural, non-GMO ingredients, organic ingredients, gluten-free ingredients, or reduced fillers. Unfortunately for supplement makers, the clean-label trend doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon, so they will need to adapt to meet consumer demands.

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