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Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?

With modern advancements in food science in technology, manufacturers are now able to avoid the use of chemical formulations and, instead, create natural flavoring options that mimic target flavors more closely. However, artificial flavoring is often utilized by businesses because it provides a cheaper alternative that the average customer will find pleasing. Unfortunately, while this … Continue reading “Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?”

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The Importance of Flavor Masking in Supplements

Have you ever tried unflavored versions of your favorite supplements? If so, chances are they probably didn’t taste that great and left you with an unpleasant lingering flavor in your mouth. Many supplement ingredients have a bitter taste that doesn’t leave a lasting impression, making the use of flavor masking in supplements critical for the … Continue reading “The Importance of Flavor Masking in Supplements”

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Flavor Development Improves Supplement Sales

Aside from how well a supplement works, consumers will often be most critical of the flavoring the supplement has. This is especially true with powder-based supplements because the flavor must remain pronounced after mixing occurs. In the current market of supplements, having a great tasting products through flavor development will help your products stick out … Continue reading “Flavor Development Improves Supplement Sales”

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