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Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?


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Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?

Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?

Should You Use Natural Flavoring in Supplement Formulas?

With modern advancements in food science in technology, manufacturers are now able to avoid the use of chemical formulations and, instead, create natural flavoring options that mimic target flavors more closely. However, artificial flavoring is often utilized by businesses because it provides a cheaper alternative that the average customer will find pleasing. Unfortunately, while this may be a great way to cut corners and save money on your product costs, it isn’t without added risks.

Artificial flavoring is derived from cheap, chemically created imitations that have been formulated inside a lab. In many cases, these artificial flavors can be close to their target flavor and are universally accepted as that flavor in candies or cakes but they don’t taste quite like they should if eaten naturally. For instance, think about banana flavored candy. Does it taste like an actual banana to you? This is a link that we have created through the acceptance of artificial flavors even though the flavor isn’t similar at all.

Natural flavoring, more often than not, is created as an essential oil of the target flavor that is trying to be created. This ensures that, since the target flavor is being utilized, the resulting flavor closely resembles the fruit, vegetable or spice that it is meant to. Even more impressive, this process eliminates many of the harmful chemicals associated with the creation of artificial flavoring. For this reason, natural flavoring is often considered a “healthier” alternative to chemically derived options.

If you are interested in learning more about how natural flavoring can enhance your supplement formula, we would love to talk to you. Our expert Research and Development department has years of experience creating complex and simple flavoring options to improve your product lines and keep customers coming back for more. Ready to get started? Try our new Custom Quote Center!


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