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Pet Supplements – What You Should Know


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Pet Supplements – What You Should Know

Pet Supplements - What You Should Know

Pet Supplements - What You Should KnowJW Nutritional is much more than just a sports and bodybuilding supplements manufacturer. Like our commitment to helping men and women of all ages achieve their fitness goals, we also have an affinity for helping our furry friends live their best life as well. As the pet supplements market continues to expand and follow the footsteps of other modern nutraceuticals, JW Nutritional is here to help.

While the pet supplement industry has had a tumultuous past, new innovation in the market has poised this segment for substantial growth. With FDA intervention, creating supplements for pets has become much safer for our furry friends and, according to the most recent forecasts, sales could top 1.6 billion this year alone. But what types of pet supplements are people really looking for?

    • Digestive Support – Like probiotics for human consumption, several innovative Animal GI supplements have started to hit the market. However, the formulation isn’t the same for animals as it is for humans. With these products, your pet can maintain a healthy gut and promote optimal digestion.
    • Joint Support – Most dogs are incredibly active; sometimes more so than their humans. For this reason, joint health supplements for pets are arguably one of the most important products available in the market segment. Both omega-3s and glucosamine are popular pet supplements to help promote healthy aging.
    • Diet Support – As the obesity epidemic in America continues to rise, subpar pet foods are also creating the same climate for pets. Unfortunately, this can lead to many serious health problems in pets like heart disorders and damaged limbs. While manufacturers won’t create fat burners for pets, we can often create balanced food options to support a healthy diet.

Although some off-the-counter supplements can be used to treat pets, the formulation typically won’t be right for their unique size and needs. For this reason, creating pet-specific formulations for the supplements they need is critical for optimal support. We encourage you to keep an eye on the pet supplement industry with us as we strive to optimize the health of your favorite companions.


Why JW Nutritional for Supplement Manufacturing?

JW Nutritional can manufacture a wide variety of supplements to suit the needs of your customers. With the inclusion of our complete packaging solutions including bottles with lid closures, sachets, stick packs and zip-seal bags, clients can receive a complete product that is ready for order fulfillment. If you are interested in the vitamin manufacturing services we offer, please contact us today!

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