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Important Protein Manufacturing Considerations


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Important Protein Manufacturing Considerations

Important Protein Manufacturing Considerations

Important Protein Manufacturing ConsiderationsAs the fitness community continues to grow, both experienced and beginner athletes will begin looking for new supplements to help meet their dietary needs or push their workouts to the next level. However, protein has continued to thrive for a wide variety of lifestyles, breaking the stigma of being just a post-workout shake. With the new prominence that protein supplements have taken on, there are some important protein manufacturing considerations that are often overlooked.

To help ensure you don’t make the same mistakes countless others have in the past, we are going to give you the three most important factors that will contribute to the success of your protein powder. Neglecting even one of these metrics could make a competitors product more appealing to a potential customer than yours could have. Here are the most important protein manufacturing considerations that supplement lines need to focus on:

Texture and Mixability

There is nothing worse than shaking your protein powder after a workout and ending up with a chunky protein shake. Not only does this make the shake harder to drink, powder globs will often remain dry in the center, popping in your customer’s mouth and coating it with dry protein powder. For this reason, providing a protein supplement that mixes well and provides a creamy texture will contribute to the success of your product.


The flavor of your products is arguably one of the most important factors in determining how well it will be received by your customers. Even if your product does something that no other competitors can, no customer is willing to choke it down while holding their nose if it tastes bad. To remedy this, focus on creating natural tasting flavors that your customers can enjoy while avoiding chemical-tasting, artificial flavoring.


No matter how good your protein powder tastes, if it doesn’t produce a desired or intended result it likely won’t be very popular. Too often, supplement line owners make outrageous label claims to get their products in their customer’s hands but lose them when the product doesn’t live up to them. Focus on creating a product that is proven to work and only market it to help with those specific things.

Why JW Nutritional for Protein Manufacturing?

JW Nutritional provides superior protein blending and protein manufacturing services with a dedication to quality and affordability. With our business rooted in protein blends, our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality protein products on the market remains one of our core focuses. Call us at (214) 221-0404 or contact us today to get started!

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