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Prepare Your Supplement Business for the New Year’s Gym Rush


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Prepare Your Supplement Business for the New Year’s Gym Rush

Prepare Your Supplement Business for the New Year's Gym Rush

Prepare Your Supplement Business for the New Year's Gym RushWhile generally considered one of the most annoying times of the year for active gym members, the New Year inspires many to pursue fitness and lose weight. For brands in the supplement industry, this could create a valuable source of income as long as they have enough product on hand and a great plan on how to get it in the hands of consumers. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can prepare your supplement business for the New Year’s gym rush to start the year off with a bang.

Increase Your Product Stock

One of the worst things that can happen for your brand during this rush is that you run out of product while consumers are actively looking to purchase it. If the New Year’s gym crowd tries your product first, there’s a good chance that they will continue using it if the price point is right and your supplement actually does what you claim it does. This means that you should stick to common supplements like pre-workout and protein for the best experience possible throughout this process.

Focus on Marketing

Think about the target audiences that are more likely to buy into the New Year’s gym rush before starting to market to ensure that you are reaching the right audiences. And, depending on the products you are providing, this could potentially be very easy to determine. Once you know who you are target audiences may be, use social media advertising to target them and show them your products are available.

Improve Your Fulfillment

Most supplement brands have moved their product sales to a primarily online basis since there is so much competition in brick-and-mortar stores and placement has become increasingly harder. If you are an eCommerce or online-based brand, working with the right product fulfillment and shipping provider will help ensure that you are keeping customer service levels high. Take advantage of our fulfillment services through our partnership with Midwest Logistics, to get your products to customers fast!



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