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Reasons to Work with a U.S. Supplement Manufacturer


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Reasons to Work with a U.S. Supplement Manufacturer

Reasons to Work with a U.S. Supplement Manufacturer

Reasons to Work with a U.S. Supplement ManufacturerWhether you are an experienced supplement line owner or are attempting to break into the market, you likely already know the importance of working with an experienced and reputable supplement manufacturer. While the allure and cost of manufacturing supplements overseas may seem like a good idea, there are many reasons why you should instead work with a U.S. supplement manufacturer. Keep reading to find out the most common reason supplement line owners prefer to work with supplement manufacturers in the United States.

Rules and Regulations

Some supplement line owners mistakenly think that they will be able to bend the rules and avoid certain regulations by manufacturing their supplements overseas. Unfortunately, even though your products are manufactured overseas, they still have to meet the rules and regulations that exist in the United States before they can be sold. This will often leave companies that take that route with a product that can’t be unloaded and a waste in capital as profits are unavailable.

This can be a costly mistake depending on who you choose to manufacture your products. Instead, you can ensure that all rules and regulations are being met consistently by partnering with a supplement manufacturer that resides in the United States. Even if you do find a reputable international supplement manufacturer, what about time constraints and shipping costs?

Turnaround and Unexpected Costs

If you manufacture your supplements internationally, it can include a severe wait time that results in missed orders or constant back orders. This can severely limit your businesses potential as you wait for the product to be replenished and shipped overseas. Unfortunately, this can become even worse if your products get stuck in customs for extended periods of time.

Even though utilizing an international supplement manufacturer may seem like a good idea at first glance, many of the cut costs associated with them will be recouped in exorbitant shipping costs. This can grow substantially depending on the type of supplements you have ordered and their volumes. To ensure fast service and clear cut costs, it is important to utilize the services of a U.S. supplement manufacturer.

Why JW Nutritional for Supplement Manufacturing?

As a U.S. supplement manufacturer, JW Nutritional can create superior products for our clients. Depending on the process and whether we are bringing in new ingredients, creating custom formulas in the R&D stage can take anywhere from one week to one month. That includes theoretical development, quoting, making test batches and scaling up the test batches when necessary.

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