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The Core Components of an Effective Pre-workout


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The Core Components of an Effective Pre-workout

The Core Components of an Effective Pre-workout

The Core Components of an Effective Pre-workoutWhen developing a pre-workout supplement there are several ingredients that must be included for the intended desired effect. To help new supplement industry entrepreneurs we have compiled a list of the best ingredients for your base formula to give your customers the best value. Aside from these core ingredients, customers can determine how to set their product apart from the competition.


Stimulants are the core of a successful pre-workout to help provide energy and increased stamina during a workout. Though caffeine is the most common stimulant available, don’t be afraid to add extra stimulants to achieve the desired result. The goal is to keep stimulant levels between 200mg and 300mg per serving.


This by-product of arginine works to improve blood flow throughout the veins. By utilizing agmatine in your pre-workout formula, nitric oxide can be created in the blood to push athletes harder and produce a “pump” effect. Excess agmatine is wasted, so your formula should include around 500mg to 1000 mg per serving.


If you have ever used a pre-workout, you are probably no stranger to the tingling feeling that lets you know it’s working. Beta-alanine is responsible for this effect and helps increase carnosine levels for improved pumps. Pre-workout formulas will generally utilize 2.5g to 3g for maximum effectiveness.


One final ingredient that should be included in your base pre-workout formula is L-Citrulline. This ingredient helps provide a “pump” effect while helping improve blood flow and heart health. Most pre-workout supplements will include 1g to 3g per serving.


After these essential ingredients are included in the base formula, it is up to the supplement line to determine what bonus ingredients will be included. Many formulas will include creatine and b-vitamins to help remove the need for multiple dosages from different products. Adding convenience and being creative can help set your pre-workout apart from the competitors.

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