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Raw Organ Supplementation: Benefits and Risks


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Raw Organ Supplementation: Benefits and Risks

Raw Organ Supplements

Raw Organ SupplementsWhat Are Raw Organ Supplements? Raw organ meat refers to the liver, brain, tongue, heart, and kidneys. They have numerous health benefits. In the past, raw organs were valued for their nutrition factors. Now, they are also available in the form of supplements which can be consumed to avail all their benefits.

 The custom of consuming raw organ supplements has perhaps waned in popularity today. In reality, many individuals have never consumed these parts of animals and may consider the notion unpleasant. But organ supplements are very nutrient-dense. The health advantages and pitfalls of organ supplements are thoroughly examined in this article.

Health Benefits of Raw Organ Supplements

Iron is found in animal organs, particularly the liver and kidneys. Iron insufficiency is a widespread disease that has impacted over 10 million individuals in America(1). The two primary signs of iron deficiency include weakness and drowsiness. Organ supplements, especially the liver, can help people with iron shortages feel more energetic.

Similarly, Riboflavin is a crucial nutrient that belongs to the B-Vitamin family and may fight off some cancers. Organ supplements, commonly found in the kidneys and liver, contain riboflavin. According to research, riboflavin lowers the incidence of intestinal and lung cancer. It has been established that one esophageal cancer hazard is a riboflavin deficit.

In all beef organs, significant levels of vitamin B12 are found. In combination with folate, vitamin B12 controls the rate of blood homocysteine. Excess homocysteine rates are linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Similarly, thiamin, often known as vitamin B1, is found in the liver. According to studies, thiamin can aid in avoiding brain damage and platelet function.

Risks of Raw Organ Supplements

Organ supplements are incredibly nutrient-dense diets, yet they are rich in cholesterol too. The RDI for cholesterol is 1,033% in 3.5 ounces of cow brain, compared to 239% and 127% in the kidney and liver. In observational research (2), the relationship between oxidized cholesterol intake and risk factors was examined. The results show that dietary cholesterol was not primarily associated with either stroke or cardiovascular.

Concerning this, other report shows that 30% of the population is hypersensitive to dietary cholesterol. For some individuals, eating meals with more cholesterol may result in a rise in its levels. People with high cholesterol levels are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, one must avoid the over-consumption of organ supplements.

Arthritis often takes the form of gout. Excess uric acid in the blood is the source of this condition. The human body produces uric acid from purines in food. Individuals having gout must consume organ supplements in moderation as they are exceptionally high in purines.

Likewise, Hemochromatosis – an iron-related disease – is characterized by increased red blood cells. Thus, those who have it should minimize their consumption of organ supplements.

Bottom Line

The beneficial micronutrients in organ supplements are plentiful and may be difficult to find in other meals. It could be good to replace some muscular supplements with organic ones if you like meat consumption. No doubt, it will not just supply you with much extra nourishment, but one must also consider the risks and concerns before consumption.

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