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Active Nutrition Products 101


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Active Nutrition Products 101

Active Nutrition

Active NutritionConsumers worldwide are now focusing on health goals such as disease prevention and management instead of the cure. They are also re-evaluating their lifestyle and diet choices more seriously than previous generations.

Getting proactive towards health greatly influences a person’s choice of drink and food products when looking for daily product offerings and sports/functional nutrition products. That is where active nutrition is coming in (1).

What is Active Nutrition?

Active nutrition is defined as a lifestyle choice whose primary focus is on optimizing a person’s both mental and physical performance. The evolution of sports nutrition is formulated to support all consumers regardless of their age provided they engage in living a healthy lifestyle that involves physical exercise. Such consumers use sports nutrition daily, and therefore, they are switching to sports nutrition products that are a better-for-you option as opposed to traditional food, drinks, and snacks.

Who is Turning to for Active Nutrition and Why?

Since active nutrition is not limited to age, anyone can adopt it. It has become one of the emerging nutrition trends worldwide. It has been adopted by both athletes and active consumers who exercise regularly.

Consumers are choosing a proactive change in their lifestyles to help improve their health. The fast-moving consumer goods (FMC) gurus’ consumer insights have shown that 61% of people are looking to improve their health (2).

Among the reasons why more people are choosing the proactive approach to change their health and diets is because they understand that each health aspect is interlinked, and therefore these consumers are choosing a holistic health approach to their lifestyles.

The proactive approach adopted by consumers to enhance their health has also greatly changed their snacking habits. They are now not relying on traditional products such as chocolate. Instead, they are choosing low sugar and high protein alternatives.

That change is influenced by consumers feeling that they always need an energy boost all day long. These consumers are now more interested in grocery products that help keep their energy levels high all day. They are choosing products that have a natural energy boost.

So, what are these consumers looking for from active nutrition products?

Athletes wish to become champions in their fields, and this is what they expect from active nutrition products.

  • Enhanced endurance
  • Fast recovery after exercise or a competition
  • Maximum performance
  • Sustained energy
  • Balanced blood sugar levels

With active consumers who don’t compete, they have their own set of benefits they expect to reap from active nutrition products. Besides feeling and looking good, they also want to:

  • Have a long-term health
  • Enjoy sustained energy
  • Have enhanced performance
  • Body firming and fat burning
  • Do away with unhealthy sugars and carbs

Get the Best Nutritional Products

Are you looking for the best sports nutrition products? At JW Nutritional, we have your needs covered. We are manufacturers of protein nutrition products. These include tablets, capsules, and flavored powders for general health, sports supplements, and weight loss products.

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