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Which B-Vitamins Do I need?


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Which B-Vitamins Do I need?

Which B Vitamin

Which B VitaminEight essential B-vitamins are needed in our body. They support many organs and bodily systems and are an integral part of the working. B-vitamins are used for the functioning of the body cells.  They help increase metabolism, create new cells, and repair body tissues. All the B-Vitamins have their own benefits to our health.[1]


Thiamin is essential for breaking down carbohydrates from food. They are used for producing fatty acids and synthesizing various hormones. Body parts like the heart, liver, kidney require high amounts of thiamin since they create certain neurotransmitters. Thiamin is present in whole grains and cereals and pork, mussels, trout, and legumes. 


Riboflavin is majorly used to help the body break down essential drugs, fats, and other steroid hormones. They also aid the body in converting the B-6 vitamin to necessary coenzymes. There are various foods rich in riboflavin like oatmeal, yogurt, almonds, and organ meats. The deficiency of riboflavin causes problems in the thyroid gland.


Niacin is a vitamin majorly responsible for improving the metabolism in the body cells. They work on a cellular level and help in the communication between cells as well as the expression of DNA. They also convert carbohydrates and proteins into a form that the body can use. They are generally found in meat, poultry, and fish.

Pantothenic Acid

It is essential for the production of proteins, fats, and coenzymes. They are used in the red blood cells to send to different parts of the body to increase the metabolism and increase energy levels. They are generally found in foods like beef liver, shitake mushrooms, chicken, and tuna. 

Vitamin B-6

They play a vital role in innumerable enzyme reactions in our bodies. They help the body in the development of the brain and increase the immunity of the body. The vitamin considerably improves amino acid metabolism, and it also aids the breakdown of carbohydrates. The richest sources of food are poultry, tuna, salmon, fortified cereals, and organic meats.


Biotin is essential in the regulation of DNA in our body and contributes to the communication within our cells as well. Like other vitamins, biotin also helps in the breakdown of essential carbohydrates and proteins. Eggs, salmon, beef, and other organ meats are the richest sources of this vitamin.


Folate is essential for the division of cells in the body and helps increase the metabolism of vitamins. They are required in DNA replication and increase the metabolism of amino acids. They are generally found in green vegetables and beans, avocado majorly.

Vitamin B-12

They are critical in fat and protein metabolism. It also increases brain and neurological functions in the body and helps create new red blood cells. Thereby they have a significant role to play in the working of our body. Rich sources of the vitamin are found in clams, beef liver, salmon, and meat.

Vitamins are essential for our body. Every vitamin has a role to play in working and maintaining the synergy of our body. Maintaining a healthy diet consisting of food sources having an equal amount of vitamins is always necessary to stay fit!



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