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Find the Perfect Supplement Manufacturer

Find the Perfect Supplement Manufacturer

Find the Perfect Supplement ManufacturerIf you are interested in starting your own supplement line, you likely have started researching different supplement manufacturers to find the right fit for your unique goals. While there are many different options available, it is important to have a basis for your future goals in mind and create an action plan that can help you succeed. If you are ready to get started, here are some of the factors you should keep in mind to find the perfect supplement manufacturer.

Product Capabilities

When designing new supplements, not all manufacturers will have the same capabilities to help you achieve your ultimate goals. For instance, some supplement manufacturers may not have the capabilities to create liquid supplements and many focus only on encapsulated or tableted formulas. Depending on your product goals and the delivery system you want to use, it is important to partner with a manufacturer that can meet your current and future product manufacturing needs.

Certifications Achieved

If you hope to sell your supplements in major retail locations, it is important to ensure that they have been manufactured in an environment to upholds rigorous certifications. One of the common certifications to look for is NSF certification for Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP for Sport. This ensures that your products are being manufactured under the best conditions possible from the perfect supplement manufacturer and limits the chances that unforeseen issues will arise.

Added Benefits

Even though you are looking for a supplement manufacturer, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect more. At JW Nutritional, we provide optional product fulfillment and warehousing through our partnership programs as well as branding services to ensure our clients have everything they need in place to be successful. Let us help establish or grow your business with our unique approach to supplement manufacturing.

Ready to Get Started?

No matter what product you are hoping to add to your existing or new supplement line, JW Nutritional is here to help! With a wide variety of private label sports supplements ready for your branding, it has never been easier to break into this growing industry. Ready to get started? Give us a call at (214) 221-0404 or contact us today!

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