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How To Find the Best Supplement Manufacturer


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How To Find the Best Supplement Manufacturer

How To Find the Best Supplement Manufacturer

How To Find the Best Supplement ManufacturerIf you are looking to start your own supplement line or need to expand your existing lines, you likely want to ensure you invest in high-quality ingredients. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it can be hard to determine who to partner with if this information isn’t readily available through their website or by contacting them. By keeping this factors in mind, you can find the best supplement manufacturer to partner with for your upcoming products.

Minimum Order Obligations

If you are just starting out in the supplement industry, it can be difficult to unload a large quantity of product while you are getting your name out. For this reason, the best supplement manufacturer for your particular needs will have a small minimum order obligation. This ensures that you can sell your products before they expire or test how the market likes your new products without a full commitment to them.

Quality Ingredient Sourcing

In order for your product to be successful, it has to do exactly what it claims to do otherwise you won’t be able to get repeat customers. To achieve this, it is important to partner with a manufacturer that has a strict ingredient sourcing plan. This ensures that contaminated or tampered with ingredients won’t make it into your final product and hinder the ability to sell it in major retailers. In many cases, this can be avoided by partnering with a United States based supplement manufacturer.

Additional Services

Often the best supplement manufacturer will function as a one-stop-shop for your final product by offering design services, fulfillment services and automated packaging services. This ensures that your product doesn’t have to go to multiple facilities to be completed and limits the possibilities of contamination between each point. Bundling these services also provides the best chance of limiting overall costs for the completion of your product.

JW Nutritional Provides Superior Nutrition Manufacturing

As a U.S. nutritional supplements manufacturer, JW Nutritional can create superior products for our clients. Depending on the process and whether we are bringing in new ingredients, creating custom formulas in the R&D stage can take anywhere from one week to one month. That includes theoretical development, quoting, making test batches and scaling up the test batches when necessary.

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