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The Case For Custom Supplement Formulas


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The Case For Custom Supplement Formulas

The Case For Custom Supplement Formulas

The Case For Custom Supplement FormulasWhile anyone can easily start their own supplement line with private labeling, there comes a time when custom supplement formulas may be necessary. With a custom formula, you have the ability to customize your products to create something new and fresh that may not currently be available to consumers. With unlimited potential available, here are some of the reasons you should invest in custom supplement formulas.

Personalized Products

You should know your customer base better than anyone and likely will be able to determine the wants and needs they expect from your products. With this knowledge, you will have the ability to create the perfect formula to ensure these needs are met or exceeded. This could be as simple as creating a dual-purpose product or something entirely new. The possibilities are endless!

Unique Products

With private labeling, you are receiving a pre-determined mixture that is ready for your branding. However, this can also mean that other competitors have the same product in a different container. Creating a custom supplement formula ensures that your product is unique and unlike what may currently already be on the market. Give your customers what they truly want by working with our Research and Development team to create something unique.

Creative Products

If you have an idea for a creative new concept, custom formulas allow you to combine an endless amount of ingredients into your very own product. No matter what your end goal is, there is likely the perfect combination of ingredients available to achieve your desired results. Need some inspiration? Look at some of your favorite supplements and determine what ingredients may work well together when combined in a new product formula.

Ready to Get Started?

No matter what product you are hoping to add to your existing or new supplement line, JW Nutritional is here to help! With a wide variety of custom supplement formula options and private label sports supplements ready for your branding, it has never been easier to break into this growing industry. Ready to get started? Give us a call at (214) 221-0404 or contact us today!

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