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DMG Supplements: What They Are and Who Uses Them and Why


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DMG Supplements: What They Are and Who Uses Them and Why

DMG Supplements

DMG SupplementsMany Americans continue to take dietary supplements for numerous reasons. Whether it is for general well-being, as an alternative therapy, or for athletic performance, dietary supplements are continuing to become popular countrywide.

One such supplement that is making waves is Dimethylglycine, also popularly known as DMG. People are taking this supplement for various reasons as you will learn below.

What is Dimethylglycine?

DMG is an amino acid in animal and plant cells, especially in cereal grains, beans, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, and liver. DMG was discovered in 1943, and since 1974, it has been marketed as a dietary supplement (1). The supplement has shown potential in various areas. People use it to boost energy, manage autism and seizures, and improve the immune system. However, it has many more benefits.

What is the DMG Supplement Used for?

For ages, Dimethylglycine has been used to manage attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, pain and inflammation, and respiratory issues.

For people with autism, DMG has been used to help improve behavior and speech. Also, those battling drug and alcohol addiction can highly benefit from this supplement.  Other great benefits of using DMG supplements include:

Athletic Performance

Among the earliest discoveries was that athletics could greatly benefit from DMG by helping them enhance endurance and performance. DMG helps the body function longer without feeling fatigued. It also helps the body use oxygen better and minimizes muscle degeneration. Research (2) also shows that under aerobic metabolism, DMG can limit lactic acid build-up.

DMG is not only helpful for athletes but any person who may benefit from more endurance and less fatigue, including students, those who work long hours, and truck drivers among others. These people require a higher level of mental and physical alertness, and DMG can help with that.

For marathon runners, when taken at higher levels, DMG can help them with recovery and finish time. At the end of the race, they are less likely to feel exhausted, unlike their counterparts who don’t use this supplement.

Lower Stress Levels

Most of the benefits of DMG stem from the fact that it is an adaptogen. It helps deal with the effects of both physical and mental pressure, including stress. As an adaptogen, DMG can help the body adapt to mentally and physically stressful experiences.

It is Heart-Friendly

DMG can help improve the circulatory system and heart function to ensure that the body doesn’t have to face degeneration. Dimethylglycine benefits to the heart include improved oxygen usage, enhanced cardiovascular function, and minimized homocysteine, triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Homocysteine needs a methyl group to be converted to methionine. DMG produces methyl groups that help with methylation and transmethylation processes. Due to its methylation properties, DMG can support better heart function.

Do You Need DMG Supplements?

Are you looking for another product to add to your supplement line? How about you consider adding DMG? With all the above benefits, DMG is a great addition, especially if you deal with sports dietary supplements.

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