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Trending Supplements for 2022-2023


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Trending Supplements for 2022-2023

Trending Supplements

Trending SupplementsThe dietary supplement industry is booming with unprecedented growth, and it is only going to get better. As the market continues to grow, both new entrants and existing brand owners dealing with dietary supplements are considering expanding their product line according to the latest trends.

Here are the trending supplements for 2022-2023 (1).

Immunity Boosters

Since the pandemic, people are more aware of the importance of keeping their immunity high. Although it is two years later, immunity boosters are some of the most sought-after supplements now, and the trend is likely to continue in the future.

While getting sick is inevitable, people now know the importance of nourishing their immune systems daily, even when they are not sick. This assures them that they will be ready to face any illness that life throws at them. Taking immune boosters makes their symptoms less severe, and they are sick for a shorter period.

In 2022 and beyond, people will keep giving their immune systems the right nutrients to help them function optimally daily. This daily strategy will include taking enough immune-building nutrients, including vitamin D, vitamin C, and quercetin. They will also improve their diets by minimizing their sugar intake and other unhealthy foods.

Enhanced Mood and Mental Health

As people continue taking care of their physical health, they are also not neglecting their mental wellness. Mental health has become a number two health concern worldwide. To help with mental health, various supplements have emerged on the market. These include CBD and adaptogen blends.

These supplements come with numerous benefits such as total mind-body support, mood-boosting, and relieving stress.

Gummies Are Now a Mainstream Supplement

CBD gummies have helped solidify gummies as an easy, tasty, and convenient way of taking supplements. Over the years, manufacturing companies have been making more supplements in gummy form.

One such supplement that more people are preferring to take in the form of a gummy is apple cider vinegar (ACV). Apple cider vinegar has fast become a popular product that people are taking, especially to help them boost their immunity.

While many people take ACV in shots or combine it with other drinks that make it more palatable, others prefer taking it in other forms. That is why ACV gummies are fast becoming the most sought-after way of taking this wonderful substance.

Other gummy supplements that have become extremely popular include hair gummies, turmeric gummies, and elderberry gummies.

Health Over Lifespan

While everyone may yearn for a long life, we have to consider how healthy we will be for all those years we are alive. In the past, people have been collectively prioritizing extending their lives, things are changing.

People are now realizing that health span is also as important as lifespan. That will force them to pay more attention to supporting their health through lifestyle, diet, and supplement all through, and not only when they face a health issue. Things like maintaining healthy blood sugar, modulating inflammation in their bodies, supporting their immune systems, and reducing free radicals are some of the things they have to focus on.

2022-2023 will bring a new dawn of increased awareness of health span, and people will be looking for foundational supplements such as magnesium, multivitamin, lecithin, B complex, vitamins D, C, and E, lutein, and thistle.

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