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What Do Supplement Brands Need to Know to Succeed?


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What Do Supplement Brands Need to Know to Succeed?

What Do Supplement Brands Need to Know to Succeed?

What Do Supplement Brands Need to Know to Succeed?Since the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994, many entrepreneurs have popped up and helped propel the industry to new levels of success. While some of these supplement brands might fail, the popularity of these products has positioned the industry to reach new highs as supplements become a prominent fixture in the diet of individuals worldwide. But what do supplement brands need to know to succeed in the current competitive markets to ensure they aren’t left behind?

Create a Stable Foundation

There are certain products that every supplement company will include in their lines to create a stable foundation for growth. These products will typically include protein powders, pre-workout and BCAAs, but can vary widely depending on the types of supplement brands you are hoping to create. Find the right product mix for your unique needs to hit the ground running and provide value and variety for your customers.

Maintain FDA Standards

Any supplement brands that hope to achieve success will need to toe the line with FDA standards to avoid costly penalties or product bands that could impact the business. Although supplements may not be heavily regulated by the FDA, they still require cGMP requirements to establish a set of standards manufacturers in the industry must abide by. This also allows the FDA to inspect supplement manufacturers to ensure they are actively meeting these guidelines.

Focus on Quality

The quality of the products that supplement brands sell will have a direct impact on how successful they become as a business. Take the time to verify your product formulas for efficacy and, if possible, invest in third-party testing to verify you are getting what the supplement manufacturer claims you are. These results can also be incorporated into your marketing plans and can help promote transparency among your customers.


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