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What Nutritional Supplements Do Customers Really Want?


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What Nutritional Supplements Do Customers Really Want?

What Nutritional Supplements Do Customers Really Want?

What Nutritional Supplements Do Customers Really Want?With the wide variety of products available on the market these days, it can be hard for supplement companies to determine the right product mix to meet the need of their customers. However, by taking a look at market trends it can become very clear what products the majority of customers are buying and form a basis for your core product lines. If you are trying to determine what your customers really want, here are some of the nutritional supplements to consider.

Protein Powders

When starting a nutritional supplement line, protein powder is generally the first product that many will invest in. The truth is that protein powders have transcended from the industry and can be used by literally anyone regardless of their activity level as a meal replacement or for dieting.  More often than not, protein powders will be the first introduction to a brand that customers will have and they should taste great to retain them.


In modern times, pre-workout has become a staple in the gym bag of nearly everybody. Typically, when someone finds a pre-workout they like, they will stick with that pre-workout as a repeat customer as long as the price point is fair. Looking into your specific target market can help fine-tune the formula and determine if stimulants are actually needed.


Investing in gut health has been a popular trend for both the industry and its patrons. To meet this growing need, many nutritional supplement lines have started carrying their own probiotic formula of live, active bacteria that can improve gut functions. Whether you are interested in formulating your own culture or taking the private label approach, there are many options available to make sure you have exactly what your customers need.

JW Nutritional Provides Superior Nutrition Manufacturing

As a U.S. nutritional supplements manufacturer, JW Nutritional can create superior products for our clients. Depending on the process and whether we are bringing in new ingredients, creating custom formulas in the R&D stage can take anywhere from one week to one month. That includes theoretical development, quoting, making test batches and scaling up the test batches when necessary.

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