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AboutJW Nutritional


We started out very small and only manufacturing protein blends for our clients. JW Nutritional has grown into capsules, tablets, and flavored powders for sport supplements, weight loss, and general health products. Due to our humble beginnings we value every aspect of the process for product development no matter how big or small the order is. Feel free to contact us today and we will show you the dedication, knowledge and professionalism of our JWN staff and fully overview our private label solutions. Our philosophy is that our clients are our most valued resource.

  • Customer Service is the number one value that is instilled into our staff. Your success is our success no matter how you slice it. We want your experience with JW Nutrirional to be one that will only reinforce why you will choose and continue to choose to be a partner with us.
  • Prompt Quotes is another reason why many companies choose to partner with JW Nutritional. Small product runs, large product runs, or even test runs, all receive the same prompt quality attention and follow through.
  • Flexibility No job or project is too small to consider. JW Nutritional is flexable and this can be seen throughout all of our company policies.

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