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Why Taste is Important for Your Supplement


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Why Taste is Important for Your Supplement

Taste Matters

Taste MattersIn today’s supplement market, things are shaking up. Flavor is now a big deal when it comes to supplements, coming second after the formulation of a specific brand. As a brand dealing with supplements, you need to consider that once your products reach your customers, they will be judged by how they taste among other factors.

If the flavor is unsatisfactory, it could mean the end of your product or even brand. Flavors are extremely important since they can mask unpleasant tastes associated with dietary supplements.

Why is Taste Important for Your Supplements?

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding flavor to your supplements.

Distinct Flavors Can Raise the Demand

Some occasion-specific or seasonal flavors can help take the demand for your supplements to the roof. Consider introducing summer flavors such as tropical fruits for the season or pumpkin and apple flavors for fall. Research the flavor in season and have it incorporated into your supplements.

Enhanced Customer Value

When you offer customers highly differentiated flavors, you can enjoy enhanced price points, which results in higher customer value.

Get the Flavor Edge

If you wish to get a flavor edge over your competitors with your supplements, consider incorporating the flavor concept in your research and development stage. Flavor needs to fit into your product’s concept as well as the marketing strategy.

Have your research and marketing team identify the distinct functional components of your supplements to be incorporated. Work closely with experts, including supplement manufacturers, to achieve the best flavors that will help you sell your product easily. Having a flavor that differentiates your supplement from that of your competitors can be a great selling point.

Flavors Can Bring Repeat Customers

When your brand is associated with a specific flavor, people will start buying that supplement due to that. Have a unique and compelling combo of flavors for your supplements and your customers will never have enough of your products. It will also help you build brand loyalty among customers.

You May Enjoy Cross-Selling Opportunities

Having popular and unique supplement flavors can help create chances for cross-selling all your other supplements with exclusive flavors.

Function vs. Pleasure

The flavor preferred for an indulgent snack might greatly differ from what customers look for in a dietary supplement when it comes to its taste. There are differences between flavors used for function and those used for pleasure. However, you should know that consumer preference plays a big role when it comes to choosing a flavor to use in your dietary supplements.

Some of the big companies spend a lot of money researching their consumers’ next choice of flavor. Two areas affect flavor trends: functional and exotic palatability. Those looking for exotic palatability are preferring supplements that come with spices and new fruit flavors. However, traditional flavors are also in demand. Those on the functional palatability side are more inclined to the use of holistic and nutritional ingredients that have an added flavor that gives these supplements a good taste.

Flavoring with Experts

Flavor is an important factor to consider when having your supplement manufactured since it can greatly affect your sales. JW can help you get it right by developing supplement flavors that all your customers will love. We have extensive experience creating flavors for all kinds of supplements. Call us today and let’s help you create the best flavor for your supplement.

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