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Skin Care Formulation and Manufacturing


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Skin Care Formulation and Manufacturing

Skin Care

Skin CareAre you ready to dive in and start creating your skincare formulations and manufacturing private label products? If so, you need to learn all the basics of skincare formulation to become a product manufacturer.

Designing your products from scratch can be a daunting process, and you can end up wasting a lot of time and money. However, if you follow these [1] tips, you will be on your way to making a brand in the skincare industry.

Research and Development Phase

Your first stage should be [2] research and development to combine both science and art as these are the beginning of your product’s success. If you hire a lab to create the formulas, it means that you are asking them to research and develop the products for you. The process may take between one and several months.

While sometimes they may get it right on the first try, it may fail in some instances. Also, some companies will not consult you before delivering the final product. In other instances, the formulation is delivered days later which leads to color fading or the oil separating. You need to hire a reputable company to deliver the formulations so that you don’t end up disappointed and losing your hard-earned money.

Use a Starting Formula or a Template Formula

It is wise to have a testing or template formula to follow. Whether you are a new formulator or you have extensive knowledge, a template will offer you a framework to follow. It lists various kinds of ingredients and the percentage range to use. That way, you can customize the formula based on the available information you gathered in your development phase.

Some products require specific ingredients at specific percentage ranges to work effectively. It is called the science of formulating. Instead of guessing this part, a template will come in handy. Even the most experienced formulators use template formulas.

Make the Product Using Your Formula

Once you have a formula, bring your products to life by manufacturing them. The ideal way to test your formula and determine whether it works is to see whether it has the effect you wish to have.

If you aren’t sure what percentage of ingredients to use, you can make one product with a specific percentage and another one with a varying percentage to determine the difference. If you have to choose between two ingredients, manufacture one of each formula while keeping everything else constant but make one with a specific ingredient and the other one with a different ingredient. Changing one aspect at a time will help you see how that affects your final product.

Sample Evaluation

You need to evaluate all the lab samples that pass the review. You will receive an evaluation form that accompanies all samples and every sample gives you a unique product identifying number to help you determine which formula you are looking at.

Once you review the products and give your feedback, you start a communication loop that includes changes into the next rounds of your samples until you reach an agreement that the product is what you are looking for.

Get the best Formulation

If you want to venture into this business, [3] JW Nutritional, LLC can help by providing you with the right formulation. With our formulation, you can start making your skincare products without worrying about the development and research process. Get in touch with us today, and we will help you get your business started.


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