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Should You Label Your Supplement “Made In USA”?


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Should You Label Your Supplement “Made In USA”?

Should You Label Your Supplement "Made In USA"?

Should You Label Your Supplement "Made In USA"?There’s a certain sense of pride that comes from being able to say that your products are made in the USA. In the current marketplace, it can be hard to find sports nutrition products that haven’t been sourced or manufactured internationally. In this article, we will explain the importance of products claims and what supplements classify for a  “Made In USA” label.

The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, is responsible for protecting consumers and regulating any goods that are sold in the United States. When researching what products are eligible for a “Made in USA” claim, the FTC has published perhaps the most comprehensive guide available. With this guide, you have the outline needed to determine if your product is eligible for the label modification.

For a supplement to be labeled as made in America, the ingredients used in the formula must be “all or virtually all” sourced or made in the United States. While this may seem obvious, it is important to understand where you ingredients are being sourced from and have confidence in the manufacturer that you have chosen. At JW Nutritional, we understand the importance that a “Made in USA” label can have for your supplement and work closely to perfect your labeling.

If a manufacturer makes an unqualified claim that their product is made in America, they should be able to support this claim with reliable evidence that their product is “all or virtually all” made in the United States. This also means the final manufacturing and assembly of your supplement has to take place on American soil. If foreign ingredients are included in your formula but are negligible, you could still qualify for the claim.

Why JW Nutritional for Supplement Manufacturing?

As a U.S. supplement manufacturer, JW Nutritional can create superior products for our clients. Depending on the process and whether we are bringing in new ingredients, creating custom formulas in the R&D stage can take anywhere from one week to one month. That includes theoretical development, quoting, making test batches and scaling up the test batches when necessary.

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